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What We Do

Occupational Health and Safety legislation and regulations outline minimum legal requirements for all employers. Navigating and interpreting these requirements however can be confusing, and employers often struggle with how to develop and implement a clear safety program that is compliant, effective, AND helpful for the bottom line.


Effective safety programs must be clear and concise and they must be tailored specifically to an organization’s needs. When well-implemented, effective safety programs work in synergy with operations and other business areas to manage risk, improve employee retention, and create a more efficient workplace.


TLC Solutions can provide the expertise required to get you there.


Specific services include:

  • COR/Secor Preparation and Audits

  • ISNetworld and ComplyWorks assistance


  • Safety culture assessment and development

  • Customized Safety Program development and implementation

  • Worker's Compensation Boards compliance assistance

  • Modified Work Program development

  • Claims management

Call us today for a free consultation and assessment of your needs.

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